Thursday, April 16, 2009

A girl told me to call her, his best?

Todays dream was not as erotic as i had hoped. I dreampt up a very odd fantasy. It starts off normal but then i find myself dreaming of a young girl or at least she appeared to look young. She was about 5'4.She was wearing a leather strap over her breasts. She demanded that i tell her she was the best guy i had ever been with, and that no guy compared to her. She was nude besides the strap and very gel like strapon between her legs. I lay there as she mounts me doggy style. I cry and moan out in ectasy as she pounds my bottom. I then woke up to a stuffy nose.

Awe darn.. maybe i just dreampt of wishful thinking?

I believe the dream was of a girl much older then me who appears to be rather young looking. I kinda have a thing for shorter petite girls.

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